sYnYx (freeware)

Category: Arpeggiator
  Mar 9, 2010
Total votes: 2449

sYnYx is a synth for creating fast and cutting thru melodic patterns. It is also good at creating sound FX. It suits all type of music but is Psytrance oriented.

sYnYx features

  • 2x Multi type filter section.
  • Cut Off filter link.
  • 2x multishape unison oscillator.
  • OSC mixer.
  • 1x ADSR.
  • 1x Step Tune Sequencer with easy draw pattern.
  • 1x Gate Sequencer.
  • 2 types of random for sequencer patterns.
  • Save for user pattern presets.
  • Full random on all parameters for easy preset generation.
  • Full midi learn on every parameters.
  • all knobs midi CC assignable.
  • 1x BPM delay.
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