MVX Xtruder J (free)

Category: Bass synths
  Oct 20, 2010
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MVX Xtruder J is free VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Some complex new brand morph oscillators (AM+FM+Sync), some filter matrix presets and selectable envelope decay speed. This new synth is a new experiment with some power solutions. It's in beta stage, anyone interested in testing it should e-mail me. Updated Feb'10 with some fixes and some stuff added.

MVX Xtruder J Features

  • Switchable oscillators.
  • Switchable LFO destinations
  • Multimode filter:
  • LP2/4,
  • LP2/4FM, Oscillators level mods Filter frequency
  • LP2/4 Korg Oscillators level mods resonance
  • and more...
  • Sharpable oscillators (Xt parameter increases frequency while keeping in self sync)
  • 3 Envelope shapes (Linear, Parabolic^4, Parabolic^32)
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