Category: Bass synths
  Aug 24, 2010
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BALLTEARER is a V/A synth, based on ANGSTkILLER's FM oscillator.

Despite appearances, these NOVA-class instruments have evolved from the XE stuff. They each feature a new 6-stage Modulation Envelope which can be looped to act like another LFO. As well as the usual LFO, there are also two new modulation sources - the SWEEPER is a specialised LFO for creating long sweeps and the RANDOMATOR allows you to add some random elements to your sounds, for a more natural, human feel [or to make things sound crazy].
Other new features include the option for a stereo signal path out of the rejigged Filter section [sends Low-Pass and Band-Reject outputs to Left and Right separately, with panning], controls to overdrive the signal both pre-Filter and at the end of the signal path, as well as a section dedicated to setting up the Mod Wheel for more expressive performance.
The most obvious difference is a brand-new interface dominated by knobs, rather than the slider-fest previously favoured. This new layout is designed to make using these synths more intuitive. For this reason a lot less labelling has been employed, to encourage you to experiment more. In response to feedback from users, this UI has larger, easier to read labels and read-outs with much higher contrast than previous instruments. They also feature an unprecedented level of attention to detail which should make them the best sounding and most useful killerz yet.


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