Alphatron (free)

Category: Bass synths
  Sep 7, 2010
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Alphatron is virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Alphatron is not just a simple VA synthesizer instead in using a 3rd oscillator with digital waves it does offer a lot more variation. Thus it can do analogstyle sounds reminding of the old Moog and Prophet days but also merge this with the digital realm in various ways to achieve sounds beyond.

The Basic version has limited features and is available as a free download from the H.G. Fortune website.

Major differences of Basic Free (less features):

Basic Free: only 64 patches, no Lazy buttons, only 4 Seq Pattern per patch & 2 global Seq Pattern,
2 voices, no selectable GUI (instead there is a choice of four different dll to download),
no patch select on GUI, but a silly scroller reminder not to forget to support the developer.

Visit: H.G. Fortune