CrossOver (freeware)

Category: Filters
  Mar 4, 2010
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CrossOver is an updated version of the Linkwitz/Riley based band-splitting plug-in Crossover 3-Way.

CrossOver is a plugin to split an incoming signal into several (at most 4) frequency ranges. It can be used to build your own multiband effects within a modular (sub)host environment. By using only 2 bands, you can also create bass-effects. These are effects which (counterintuitively) keep the low frequency range dry and affect only the high frequency range.

The band-splitting is done by complementary pairs of Linkwitz-Riley lowpass/highpass filters, the slope of which is adjustable between 12 and 96 dB/oct. For configurations with more than 2 output bands, the signal is first split into 2 bands (low and high) and then the low or high or both bands is/are split further, thus the splitting is done in a hierarchical manner.


  • Up to 4 output bands.
  • Sums flat in all configurations.
  • New GUI with customizable color-scheme.
  • Bugfix related to sample-rate changes.
CrossOver is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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