UVI releases Analogic Piano 09

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  Apr 11, 2012
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UVI has announced the Analogic Piano 09, a free virtual piano instrument.

Analogic Piano 09 takes inspiration from the very first electronic piano ever designed with a built-in arpeggiator: the famous Roland EP-09.

This 'cheezy' instrument was sampled and modeled to capture the pure soul of the analog texture. Sounds were carefully recorded with the very best digital gear and analog tools, complying with UVI high-quality standards.

Analogic Piano 09 Features

  • 4 layers (Piano I & II, Harpsichord I & II).
  • 488 samples.
  • Round robin by note.
  • Sustain control.
  • Accurate arpeggiator from the original machine.
  • Keyboard split.
  • 2-watts output-speaker emulated with convolution engine.
  • 3 effects: Chorus, Delay & Reverb.
Analogic Piano 09 for Windows and Mac (UVI Workstation 2.0.4/MachFive 3) is available at no cost for UVI Facebook fans.

Visit: UVI