Tek’it Audio updates RECsoprano plugin to v1.2

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  Oct 28, 2013
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myVST Demo of RECsoprano's previous version.

Tek’it Audio has released version 1.2 of RECsoprano, a free recorder instrument plug-in for Windows.

RECsoprano is a free soprano recorder plugin instrument developed in collaboration with the musician Mihai Sorohan.

RECsoprano v1.2 come with numerous optimizations and improvements under the hood.

Changes In RECsoprano v1.2

  • Many optimizations.
  • Unneeded plug-in parameters removed.
  • GUI updated info screen.
  • Updated support URL.
  • Improved installation process.
  • User manual updated.

The plug-in is a free download for Windows (VST).

Visit: Tek’it Audio