Pettinhouse introduces free DirectGuitar Mute&Slap for Kontakt

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  Jun 13, 2014
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Pettinhouse has launched DirectGuitar Mute&Slap, a free instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt taken from the DirectGuitar 3.0 library.

It is made for playing muted guitar grooves combined with slap notes. For Funky, great also for rock, in fact you can play powerchords with a bit of distortion, it sounds great.
You can combine muted passages with slapped notes just by playing harder on your keyboard in order to introduce a slapped note.

The amp and the FX section is full activated. You can use the distortion, the EQ, Reverb, Delay, Phaser, play notes with Wah Wah effect moving up and down your modulation wheel.

The library is available for free, and it requires full version of Kontakt.

Visit: Pettinhouse