Minimal System Instruments sets free Filter Bank effect plugin

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  Nov 12, 2012
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Minimal System Instruments has set free its Filter Bank filter effect plug-in for Windows.

Give tracks and mixes that classic analogue sound with this fantastic filter plugin.

Filter Bank v3 is a fantastic multimode filter for both Producers and DJ's. Combining 5 different filter types, LFO's, with pure Analogue modelled dirt this filter sounds fantastic.

Filter Bank Features

  • Beautiful analogue modelled filter bank.
  • A valuable tool in and out of the studio for both producers and DJ's.
  • 5 filter types including Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch, Peaking.
  • Analogue! knob.
  • LFO's.
  • Input and Output controls.
  • Professional vintage analogue GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage
The Filter Bank plug-in for Windows (VST) is a free download.

Visit: Minimal System Instruments