Bedroom Producers Blog releases BPB Mini Analogue Collection, free sample pack

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  Jun 13, 2012
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Bedroom Producers Blog has released the BPB Mini Analogue Collection, a free sample library featuring the sounds of some analogue synths.

I'm very happy to release BPB Mini Analogue Collection, a free sample pack featuring the sounds from several analogue synthesizers I used to own.

While I was on a lookout for a working C64 (in order to start working on part 3 of Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions), I figured I could make a nice sample pack with some of the old samples I kept on my computer. I added some new sounds from Poly-61m and Poly-800 which I got recently, and BPB Mini Analogue Collection is the result.

BPB Mini Analogue Collection Features

  • Includes sounds from the Korg Delta, Korg Poly-61m, Korg Poly-800, Solton Project-100, and Lell UDS.
  • 254 WAV samples (16-bit quality).
  • 9 multisampled instrument patches (SFZ + Kontakt 5).
  • 125 drum samples.
  • 2 Kontakt 5 Multi Racks.
  • 118 MB content (96 MB download size).
The sample pack is a free download at BPB.

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