AfroDJMac releases Casio MT-68, free Ableton Live Pack

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  Feb 7, 2012
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AfroDJMac has released Casio MT-68, free Ableton Live Pack.

This week's free Ableton Live Pack comes from samples of an old Casio MT-68 keyboard sent to me by my lifelong friend Mike Longo. Mike has sampled four of the built in presets and organized it nicely in to Ableton's Sampler.  From there, I started to give it the AfroDJMac touch, adding effects to help you take this virtual reincarnation to levels impossible on the original. 

One of my favorite things about this instrument and is how the sound changes over time.  We set the samples to play normally, then to loop backwards and forwards, and every time it loops some cool things happen to the sound, i.e. glitches, pops, twists, etc.  It gives the synth an organic movement that you don't get with the original.  We put controls for Sampler's FM Osc, and moving those knobs while playing will add all kinds of layers of goodness to your sound.  Crank the FM Osc Type and FM Osc Volume knobs to the max and you in effect have a white noise generator.  Through an Auto-Filter in the chain and you can create some nice white noise sweeps. We put a Ping Pong Delay in the chain and that is set to 'Repitch Mode.'  This allows for some analog delay emulation.  Check out Thavius Beck's recent tutorial on Dubspot for some cool uses of this 'hidden' feature.  A bit crusher and some chorus/spread round this instrument out into something I think you will find especially nostalgic and useful.

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